Red, White, and Brew: Coffeeware Collections That Will Energize Your Café

So much about Independence Day is loud, chaotic, and frenzied–the fireworks alone are enough to make anyone crave a soothing cup of tea or coffee! The 4th of July signifies America’s victorious independence, but it’s also a great excuse for families to unwind and celebrate the beginning of summer.

Coffee is an incredibly versatile beverage, so MCIC is on hand to provide your business with a variety of coffeeware collections that evoke the cheer of the holiday and the coziness of summer! Kick off the summer with these coffeeware pieces that we know you’ll love to keep in stock at your establishment all year-round!

Showstopping Stand-Alone Pieces

These outstanding coffeeware pieces are sure to pop among your café’s other cups and mugs!

Clear Glass Mugs:

Clear Coffee Mug:

The Coffee Service 11 oz. Mug is simple and classy, the perfect vessel for a classic cup of coffee. Just imagine how good a fragrant cup of chamomile tea would look in this glass mug! The clear glass makes any beverage look enticing, so it’s sure to make even the most basic cup of coffee look as good as it smells. The 11oz mug is the ideal size for a customer who wants a morning coffee that won’t overpower their sleepy taste buds. Summer mornings can be more hectic than others, so this mug is just the right size for the customer who likes their coffee like they like their mornings: Peaceful, simple, and smooth.

Slim Mug:

The Coffee Service 11 oz. Slim Mug is exactly what it sounds like: It’s slim and sleek, but don’t be fooled by the delicate description! This tall mug is packed with power, especially when filled to the brim with a gorgeously-hued hazelnut latte. The taller glass ensures that your customer gets a fully satisfying cup of coffee, one that will give them the boost they need to start their long day of patriotic celebration. Like the clear glass mug mentioned above, this 11 oz. Slim Mug is classically shaped and sophisticated enough for both a morning brew or for an after-dinner pick-me-up. Plus, imagine how refreshing a sweaty iced coffee would look in this mug!

Espresso Mug:

This elegant little espresso mug is small but mighty! 2.5 ounces of rich, aromatic americano in the Coffee Service Espresso Cup is all your guests will need to start their day with a boost as powerful as a firework. When paired with a matching glass saucer, this espresso cup will be the stand-out glassware item on your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) tabletop. Honestly, this snazzy little espresso mug is classy any time of day. If you’re also looking to improve your foam-art game, this mug is the perfect canvas to practice with. There’s nothing like a warm croissant and an energizing espresso first thing in the morning, and topping the espresso with an adorable heart-shaped foam design is sure to make for one happy customer!

Irish Coffee Mug:

We’re not sure who first put coffee and alcohol together, but we’re seriously in their debt! The Coffee Service 8 oz. Irish Coffee mug is so enticing, Irish Coffee should never be served in anything else. Thankfully, you don’t have to enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee just in the early morning hours; the cooler evenings are a perfect time to sit back and relax with a coffee cocktail mixed with Irish whiskey and topped with a light, foamy cream. Sometimes, customers need a little caffeine boost to keep the party going, and Irish Coffee is both soothing and energizing. Bring a warm summer bonfire to your customers in the form of this comforting Irish Coffee mug!

Bright-White Porcelain

There’s never been a better blend of elegance and coziness than with these bright-white and porcelain coffeeware collections, except maybe in your café’s own coffee brews!

Carla Collection:

The Carla Collection looks exactly how it sounds: Gentle, delicate, and refined. These mugs are so simple and elegant, they look like they belong on the pages of a storybook. The 11.9 oz Carla Porvasal Breakfast Cup, in particular, is the ideal vessel for a steaming mug of black coffee. The mug’s bright white coloring is both down-to-earth and sophisticated, and the fact that it is classic porcelain makes it feel even more like it belongs on the tabletop of a cozy English café. The 10.1 oz Porvasal New High Breakfast Cup has a slightly more modern look than its previously-mentioned counterpart, but it’s just as refined. Imagine this taller, sleeker version filled with a cinnamony, freshly-brewed cappuccino, and you get the drink that dreams are made of. With a collection of classic bright-white saucers and mugs to choose from, the Carla Collection is a charming addition to any café tabletop.

Orleans Collection:

New Orleans itself brings to mind joyful festivities and an overall carefree atmosphere, and this collection of bright-white and porcelain coffeeware is no different. The Orleans Collection is packed with cheerful pieces that reflect a relaxing summer vibe: The Orleans 9oz. Coffee Cup is round and squat, perfect for a much-needed mug of steaming coffee. Its cousin, the regular Orleans 9oz. Cup, is slightly more sophisticated with its delicately-curved rim and elongated handle. This flowery look makes it perfect for a golden cup of tea, whether your customer is in need of an invigorating green tea or a rich rosehip tea. The Orleans 3oz. Espresso Cup is a smaller, slightly-rounder version of the Orleans Coffee Cup, which makes it ideal for your café’s signature espresso. The Orleans 4oz. Creamer is short, squat, and totally cheerful, the perfect addition to an already-endearing collection.

Unconventional Coffeeware

Be a little imaginative when it comes to how you serve your coffee!

San Marino Hi-Ball:

A Hi-Ball glass may not scream “coffee,” but as any coffee connoisseur knows, the hot beverage is highly adaptable to practically any vessel. Any Hi-ball styled glass is the perfect way to bring your cafe presentation up to date.

If you’re looking for rock or Hi-ball glasses to spruce up your tabletop presentation, our San Marino collection is the way to go! The 16oz San Marino Hi-Ball Glass, in particular, is the tall glass your customers will be dying to use for their iced coffees. With glasses as modern and statuesque as these, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your café’s caffeinated creations. Just picture the milky-brown hue of the coffee buoyed by glittering ice cubes; it’s the pitch-perfect beverage to quench your guest’s thirst on a hot day! The smaller (but still impressive!) 12.00oz and 10.25oz. San Marino Hi-Ball Glasses are also great options for your café’s iced beverages, whether you’re serving a classic iced tea or–dare we say it–a frappé-like drink topped with clouds of whipped cream. Whatever you serve in the San Marino Hi-Ball glasses, your guests are certainly in for a welcoming, high-class good time!

Which pieces will you be adding to your coffee tabletop presentation?

Written by Emma Patterson

You’ll Want To Stock Up On These Glasses For Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, you’ll want your bar and restaurant to be stocked with durable, timeless, and aesthetically captivating glassware. Not only will it ensure a great drink presentation Father’s Day weekend, but you’ll love having these glasses on hand all year round! Read below to learn more about how MCIC’s timeless beer, rock, and cocktail glasses are the perfect addition for your establishment.

MCIC has a wide variety of upscale and down-to-Earth glasses to choose from for your restaurant or bar, so celebrate this Father’s Day by offering your guests quality glassware they’ll remember for Father’s Days to come!  

Beer Glasses:

If you’re going for an even more laid-back atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with MCIC’s classic 12.5 oz Munich Beer Mug. It’s casual, approachable, and is always a welcome addition to a lunch of, say, smoked pulled pork and home-style fries. Dad will always feel like a king when he cradles a sweaty mug of ice-cold beer, and the 12.5 oz mug (and especially the 22 oz mug) will definitely make your consumer feel like royalty.

If you own an upscale restaurant, down-home beer mugs, while great, don’t exactly fit your suave style. Worry not! MCIC has some Metropolitan Beer Glasses that fit right in with everything from spaghetti and meatballs to gourmet hors d’oeuvres. The glasses are clean and modern, perfect if you’re trying to evoke a “Dad’s night out” kind of vibe.

Rock Glasses:

MCIC’s Rock Glasses exude strength and sophistication, just like the dad who prefers a glass of whiskey to a stein of beer. Marlon Brando himself would surely approve of the San Marino 11 oz Rock Glass, which is timeless in its appearance and ideal for a classic scotch on the rocks. It’s strong, tough, and evokes a debonair quality that will have your guest feeling like a movie star. Give your guests some variety when it comes to rock glasses–the 8.5 oz and 13 oz San Marino rock glasses are so elegant, you’ll be making whiskey sours until last call.

What makes the 10.25 oz San Marino Highball Glass unique is how versatile it is; from water to cocktails and soda to beer, these tall and sleek glasses make any beverage look inviting. That’s why the impressive 16 oz San Marino Highball Glass is perfect for a classically-cool Long Island Iced Tea! Just picture the golden-hued drink in MCIC’s stylish highball glasses, accented by glittering ice cubes and a cheerful lemon wedge…Father’s Day can’t get here soon enough!

Cocktail Glasses:

MCIC Where Perfection Is Possible

Parenting is no picnic, so this Father’s Day, treat every dad to the high-class and flavorful cocktail he deserves in an equally high-class cocktail glass. Provide your consumer with MCIC’s simultaneously suave and strong Connexion Cocktail Glasses that rival James Bond himself–after all, this glassware line is already a 2019 Tableware International Awards of Excellence winner, so you know you can’t go wrong with these!

To start, the Connexion Double Rock 12 oz Glass maintains a geometric and urbane feel without appearing old fashioned. Speaking of, this glass is ideal for the amber-colored, sugar-cubed Old Fashioned, one of the more traditionally “manly” drinks out there. This edgy glass is far more refined than a regular tumbler or Old Fashioned Glass, and it will make the drink-holder feel just as tough-but-sweet as the drink itself.

Holding a 7 oz Connexion Cocktail Glass would make anyone feel classy, especially if the glass is filled with a legendary martini garnished with a single olive. This glass is so classically-shaped, it’s bound to make any cocktail stand out among the beer mugs and bottles. A crisp martini and a colorful charcuterie board are obvious classics, and will make this Father’s Day one your guests will never forget!

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The Best Plates to Compliment Your Colorful Spring and Summer Menu

Make Any of Your Spring and Summer Dishes Look Fresh and Delicious with the These Amazing Dinnerware Lines

The Spring and Summer seasons bring a delicious, fresh, and vibrant array of dishes to be enjoyed to diners. The days of hot cocoa and savory stew give way to the days of lemonade and refreshing flavors. Spring and Summer menus are vibrant and varied, from salads with the heavenly combination of fresh vegetables and fruits, cool gazpacho, and platters laden with fresh seafood and meat. Sunnier days ahead means this is the best time of the year to renew your tabletop with fresh and exciting products. What better way to experience the enjoyable weather and renewal of the food scene, then by enjoying vibrant new cuisine on dinnerware that is just as resplendent?

Spring and Summer dishes such as salad, tapas, and cold soups are already beautiful, but when they are placed on dishes and bowls that are colorful or elegantly shaped, the entire thing comes together to create a dazzling dining experience. The bowl or dish that a meal is served in is just as important as the food item itself. At MCIC, there are several new and exciting collections of vibrant dinnerware to help really make your Spring and Summer dishes have that extra effervescence.  Dinnerware ranges from the bold and colorful, to the classic white and quietly understated.


The first collection from MCIC’s showcase is the Porvasal Collection. From this collection, everyone from expert food preppers to amatuer home chefs can choose peices from three wonderful, vibrant lines. The first line is called The Eclipse Line, which boasts a wide array of bowls and plates in a gorgeous, earthy bronze-brown hue that will make any dish pop. A garden-fresh spring salad loaded with crisp green vegetables, served in a golden bronze Porvasal Eclipse Bowl, would make even the staunchest meat-lover reach for the salad tongs while the Eclipse Oval Tray would be the perfect serving dish for a lovely cheese platter, with the white and yellow hues of cheese easily complement by that signature bronzed hue.  

Natur Sea

According to, one of the biggest trends of 2019 is food inspired by the big blue ocean. This includes seaweed butter, noodles made from kelp, and fried salmon skins. The perfect complement to this trend is the Natur Sea Line that matches this oceanic theme. With its cool yet intense shades of turquoise and sea green hues, the Natur Sea Porvasal Flat Plate is ideal for serving sushi, the Natur Sea Porvasal Bowl for making creamy shrimp scampi pop, and the Natur Sea Porvasal Oval Tray would be ideal for serving glasses of tangy shrimp cocktails. For those jonesing for seafood, or just really loving the colors of the sea itself, the Natur Sea Line should definitely be given a try.


Sometimes it’s not through bold and vibrant color that a meal can have the most visual impact. Sometimes the best way to go about presenting a wonderful dish is to use simple, white elegance. The final line from the Porvasal Collection, called the Orbe Line, can provide that perfect white backdrop that oftentimes works best. Within the smooth confines of an Orbe Montera shaped plate that looks like the ripple of water, a fresh and zesty gazpacho will look almost too beautiful to eat. Poached eggs will look even more like an egg lover’s dream, served in an Orbe Ovo shaped plate, that looks exactly like it sounds, like an egg. And finally, the reds, greens, yellows, and every color in between that make up a lovely shrimp ceviche will look heavenly in the elegant white Orbe Bloom bowl with its four petal flower shape in the middle.


For an organic feeling dining experience, there are several wonderful options to choose from MCIC’s Organic collection. For those who want to dive right in and enjoy fresh and fragrant spring fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew, why not enjoy them on a shiny orange painted plate that looks almost like its a fruit itself. Make tantalizing tapas even more desirable by mixing and matching the various shapes and colors that can be found in the Organic Collection. No two bowls are the same, so every dining experience using this dinnerware will provide a unique, thrilling, and tasty experience for the diner.

K-Line & Orleans

As mentioned before, sometimes it’s not bold and bright colors that can make this springs menu items pop, but elegant bright white dinnerware. MCIC has two unique collections of elegant white dinnerware that can make the food served in them really stand out and make mouths water. The K-Line Collection, boasts a wide variety of elegant white porcelain dinnerware in all shapes and sizes, so diners can enjoy a bright orange lobster bisque that really pops in an elegant K-Line Bouillon Stacking bowl, or a lovely grilled tilapia fillet on a nice K-Line Rectangular plate.


The other collection is called Orleans, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit any table. From the Orleans collection, diners can enjoy vibrant soups like the striking red Manhattan Clam Chowder, creamy green broccoli and cheddar, and golden ginger and spring onion egg drop soup in the Orleans Wide Rim Soup Plate, or enjoy mouthwatering steak with green chimichurri sauce on an elegant Orleans Narrow Rim Oval Plate. 

With so many options for this spring, the possibilities are endless for creating amazing dining experiences for loved ones and friends. With MCIC’s wonderful and varied line of dinnerware, there is something that will work for everyone, be it that punch of color to liven things up, or the quiet elegance that puts the food front and center for a feast for the eyes.

Written by Raidah Islam   

Mother’s Day Brunch Tabletop Essentials

The ideal Mother’s Day tabletop is inviting, colorful, warm, and cheerful, just like mom herself. MCIC can help elevate your restaurant’s tabletop to new heights with its edgy and diverse dishware collections. Whether you’re tying these essentials in for Mother’s Day brunch, or adding these items to your tabletop year round, you’re sure to heighten your tabletop presentation to a level that diners will adore! 

Since dishes are the basis of any well-decorated tabletop, they have to evoke as much class, sophistication, and coziness as possible. Whether you’re going for an elegant look, a carefree look, or something in-between, MCIC has a dazzling array of dishes and glassware that are sure to make mom proud!

The Premiere Collection

If you’re aiming to evoke a refined dining atmosphere, MCIC’s Premiere Collection is sure to do the trick. It’s a shimmering, gold or platinum-lined collection that makes a statement without relying on ostentatious designs. The Premiere 6” Round Plate and 8 oz cup, both with a delicate gold lining, are sure to make even coffee and scrambled eggs seem upscale. From cheerful bananas foster to dainty ham and goat-cheese finger sandwiches, the Premiere 12” Round Plate with a sleek platinum lining will make any dish look vibrant and delicious. The Premiere Collection is elegant but approachable, so everyone from moms and dads to grandkids can feel fancy without feeling out of place.

The Orbe Collection

Mother’s Day is also a time of family-friendly celebration and fun, and the Orbe by Porvasal Collection has fun in spades. The dishes themselves are lighthearted and cheerful, and the bright white porcelain makes them a stand-out feature of any tabletop. Imagine serving a springy green salad in the uniquely-shaped 12.2” Orbe Porvasal Bloom Plate, or a high-concept breakfast creation in the 10.6”x 9.5” Orbe Porvasal Plate Ovo, which is shaped like an artist’s palate. The Orbe collection is reminiscent of a traditional English breakfast with a modern American twist; the dishes are charming, fun, and one-of-a-kind, perfect for anyone searching for a tabletop that accurately reflects Mother’s Day itself.     

Champagne Glasses

Mother’s Day is the ideal excuse to sit back, relax, and sip some bubbly with mom, and in order to do so, you’ll need some quality champagne glasses from MCIC. Specifically, MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim 7 oz Champagne Glass is as classic as Mother’s Day Brunch itself. Champagne is an essential addition to any celebration, whether you’re toasting the New Year, newlyweds, or your favorite mom. Still, if you want to serve a drink that really evokes the cheer and sunshine of Mother’s Day, then a Mimosa is the way to go. Sipping a mimosa out of one of MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim glasses is sure to make any mom feel like the queen she is!

For a more luxurious feel, MCIC’s Soul 8.5 oz Champagne Glass is ideal for any restaurateur who wants their tabletop to ooze sophistication. This crystal-clear glass has a gorgeous long flute to maintain maximum fizziness, which will please any guest hoping to have a bubbly and exciting dining experience. When paired with the Premiere Collection, these elegant dishes/glasses give any dish, from a regular egg and cheese omelet to a rich and creamy eggs benedict, that coveted upscale feel. For an elegant Mimosa that bucks the trend, an ombre Sunrise Mimosa is fruity, gorgeous, and perfect for summer, especially when served in the Soul Champagne Glass!

If you are trying to evoke a unique, non-traditional tabletop either for Mother’s Day or for the upcoming summer months in general, the Nevada 9 oz Champagne Glass definitely fits the bill. With its wide and deep saucer-like bowl, it’s the larger-than-life version of the classic Madison Sheer Rim and delicate Soul Champagne glasses. Much like its namesake, the Nevada glass is vibrant, fun, and ready to party. It evokes the kind of 1920s sophistication only seen in grand Gatsby-like parties, which makes it ideal for any themed or party-centric celebrations.

View all of our champagne glasses here. 

Wine Glasses

While Mother’s Day is obviously all about treating mom to an elegant, one-of-a-kind dining experience, sometimes it’s also about enjoying a cozy, relaxing meal with family–and if you want your guests to feel relaxed, wine is the way to go!

All of MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim products are the epitome of class, and the Madison Sheer Rim 12 oz Wine Glass is no different. For connoisseurs and recreational drinkers alike, these glasses are a beautiful and inviting way to enjoy a family celebration. They’re sleek but down-to-Earth, perfect for any restaurant that wants to cultivate an approachable and down-to-earth atmosphere.

MCIC’s Lexington Sheer Rim Wine Glasses are just as refined as the Madison Sheer Rim, but with a little more spunk; the Lexington Sheer Rim 8.5 oz Wine Glass, in particular, is squatter than the Madison Rim, but the slightly angular bowl gives it a swanky, lively look. Imagine cradling this glass in one hand and noshing on some decadent chocolate-covered strawberries in the other–now that is a Mother’s Day guests would definitely love!  

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Slate Trays

A celebratory brunch is nothing without its expertly-crafted appetizers, and there’s no better way to serve them than with suave slate trays from The Just Slate Company. These slate-gray (no pun intended) trays evoke a high-class, urbane feeling and are as functional as they are attractive. The Slate 13.7 inch Long Rectangle with Tube Handles is the perfect vessel for a vibrant array of tapas or for a mouthwatering cheese board. The handles make it easy to transport one’s culinary creations, while the Chili Handles make for a slightly more refined appearance. The Slate 14.6 inch Long Ceramic Rectangle provides even more room for any Mother’s Day appetizers, whether it’s an assemblage of spicy deviled eggs or a lovely arrangement of soft and chewy mini muffins.


MCIC also offers some interesting Carafes to hold popular Mother’s Day brunch drinks, from a heady red wine and spicy Bloody Mary to a cheerful and tangy Mimosa. These are ideal for large-family tabletops, especially those expecting mainly of-age adults. It wouldn’t be brunch without mom’s favorite drink, and the 21 oz Tempo Carafe is easy to pour and stylish to boot! The 67 oz Decanter Carafe helps keep the party going without sacrificing the flavor and freshness of one’s wine, which is sure to please fun-loving families in search of a laid-back good time. Adding any of MCIC carafes to one’s tabletop makes for a more enjoyable and engaging dining experience for all.

Other interesting additions to any tabletop are Lucaris Glasses. We’ve talked about our Lucaris Glasses before, and for good reason: They are the epitome of elegance, and evoke a high-class feel while still being completely durable. Titanium Crystal Glassware is exactly what it sounds like: It’s strong yet beautiful, tough yet graceful. And is there any other way to describe one’s mom than strong, beautiful, tough, and graceful?  

Written by Emma Patterson

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These Colorful Tabletop Ideas

Cinco de Mayo has become a huge cultural celebration in the United States, and nothing kicks off the holiday quite like a festive tabletop presentation. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo is full of joyful parades, family-filled parties, traditional dances with mariachi music, and, of course, vibrant and flavorful foods.

Your tabletop should reflect the joy and vibrancy of Cinco de Mayo, and MCIC has the fun and colorful dinnerware you’ve been looking for. Cinco de Mayo is all about celebrating Mexican heritage with food & family, so your tabletop presentation should be the eye-catching center of the celebration! 

Organic Collection

All of the dinnerware in the Organic Collection is vibrantly-hued and imperfectly shaped, ideal for anyone hoping to kick Cinco de Mayo off with a uniquely-decorated bang. The grey, teal, yellow, orange, and blue plates have a tasteful speckled quality that makes them charming and celebratory without losing their down-to-earth vibe. Imagine the Organic 6.5” Orange Plate piled high with some golden, still-steaming tamales. Or how about the Organic 7.5” Teal Bowl carrying a diverse assortment of pork, beef, chicken, and veggie tacos? This collection isn’t just delightful to look at–it will truly tie one’s tabletop together for a festive celebration.

The Organic Collection, with its bright colors and welcoming feel, will transform one’s tabletop presentation into a celebratory Cinco de Mayo spread that will enhance any diners experience! Any chef can easily make a masterpiece of plating their culinary creations on this vibrant and fun collection.

Multi-Color Melamine

The Melamine Collection is artsy and colorful, yet sophisticated and sleek. As already mentioned in our Spring Tabletop Trends of 2019 article, Melamine is undoubtedly popular choice. It’s the ideal blend of youth and adulthood, perfect for a responsible host who also wants to dance the night away. With its multi-textured, multi-shaped qualities, as well as its refreshing red, lime, and black colors, this dinnerware elevates any tabletop to something that’s simultaneously kid-friendly and cosmopolitan.

The Red Melamine 5 inch 2-Section Rectangle Tray is the perfect vessel for the spiciest of salsas. The Lime Melamine 4 inch Square Bowl is the best showcase for one’s red-hot mole poblano. In addition, the Black Melamine 2.75 inch Spoon, with its deep bowl and short handle, is incredibly useful when spooning out large quantities of Mexican corn salad or even tequila-infused party punch, and will make any brightly-colored food or drink pop. Plus,the dishes themselves are thick and sturdy without appearing cheap or industrial. They are extremely durable on the off chance a clumsy relative or excited cousin accidentally drops the serving spoon, ensuring an easy and panic-free dining experience.

Natur Sea Collection

Mexican dishes are naturally bright and colorful, and MCW’s Natur Sea Collection, with its swanky sea-green hue, will only make the dishes look more delicious. The 20 oz, 6.7” Natur Sea Porvasal Bowl is the summer-ready dish one needs on a Cinco de Mayo tabletop. The 12.2” Natur Sea Porvasal Flat Plate is the calm complement to a zesty dish of crispy gorditas or some cheesy-charred elote.

Dishes don’t have to be black or white to be elegant, as the Natur Sea collection shows; the sea green color brings to mind sophisticated beachfront restaurants, which are both impressive and relaxing. Part of what makes this collection so inviting is how the dishes are a gorgeous yet durable porcelain, and they evoke a refined, polished feel that will still put your guests at ease. The Natur Sea tabletop is a place one can celebrate a holiday while digging into a wonderfully gooey chile-chicken enchilada!

Alcohol-Ready Glassware

A Cinco de Mayo tabletop wouldn’t be complete without some margaritas and cocktails, and MCIC has some truly eye-catching glassware that will really get the Cinco de Mayo celebration started.

The 12 oz. Madison Sheer Rim Margarita Glass is fun and feisty, perfect for the fruitiest and spiciest of margaritas. The Madison Sheer Rim makes for a delicate but durable margarita glass. This glass is one of the most vivacious glasses offered, with its wide rim and curved glass. Whether one is celebrating in a crowded bar or in a vibrant restaurant, these glasses are sure to bring life to any Cinco de Mayo gathering.  

Cocktails are just as important as margaritas when celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and MCIC’s 15.5 oz Hurricane Cocktail Glasses are both festive and dignified. The Hurricane Glass also comes in 20 oz. This glass has one of the more unique shapes of all of MCIC’s commercial glassware, ensuring a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience.

Cinco de Mayo offers a playful way to add colors, textures, and shapes to any tabletop presentation. How will you prepare your tabletop?

Written by Emma Patterson

Titanium Crystal: Why You Should Invest in Lucaris Titanium Glassware for your Tabletop

When a restaurateur builds their restaurant from the ground up, they make countless investments in many things: They invest their time, energy, and money in the restaurant itself, and they invest in the staff, from the manager and head chef to the delivery boy. They invest in the furniture, wall decorations, pots, pans, and tabletop presentations to perfectly compliment their menu, while also highly representing the restaurant and its owner.

Of these investments, one of the most important investments restaurateurs make is the choice of glassware they will use in accompaniment with the plates and tabletop accessories from which their patrons will dine. Glassware is far more important than just sand heated to the point of melting and then molded into a container to hold wine and other drinks. The quality of glassware matters just as much as the quality of the food and drink that will be served using them.

There are countless types of glassware for restaurateurs to choose from, but one of the wisest investments a restaurateur can make is to invest in Titanium Crystal Glassware. MCIC is a proud exclusive distributor of Lucaris Titanium Crystal. If it’s durability and elegance you’re looking for, Lucaris Glassware is the choice of glassware for you.

What is Titanium Crystal Glassware?

When one thinks of titanium, they may think of the metal that is usually found in heavy-duty machinery such as aircrafts, missiles, and even spaceships. One would not exactly expect to find such a material in their wine glass while enjoying a plate of ravioli or lamb shank.

Titanium Crystal Glassware, which combines usually delicate glass with nearly impenetrable titanium, proves to be the perfect combination to serve diners in all restaurant settings.

Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glassware is a fine showcase of this. It’s Western designs combined with the latest in crystal producing technology to form glassware that is both amazingly light and elegant yet strong enough to handle the most chaotic of dinner hours. Still, it’s delicate enough to hold wine for one on a relaxing night in.

Why Titanium Crystal Glassware?


When it comes to glassware that is meant for food service, strength and durability should be paramount in a savvy restaurateurs mind. Glassware should be able to withstand the oftentimes chaotic wear and tear of a busy food service. When it comes to durability and strength in various scenarios, Lucaris Crystal Glassware can withstand this test in spades.

So just how durable is it? When in comes to Lucaris Titanium Crystal wine glasses, the standard impact test on the glasses bowl area revealed that this particular glass could withstand a 95 gram steel ball dropped onto it from a height of 300mm without any chipping or breakage. Further tests concluded that the Lucaris glass was resistant to sudden temperature changes, that the glass is safe for industrial dishwashing in high concentrations of alkaline detergent, and that the stem of the glass can endure holding up to 30 kilograms, making it extra strong.

When it comes to food service, it is inevitable that glasses will break and need to be replaced, but with Lucaris Crystal Glassware, it won’t break as easily or need replacing as often. In addition, Lucaris Glassware is also budget friendly.

Aesthetic Appeal      

Durability is great, as it means that the glassware will last longer, saving restaurateurs money and effort in finding suitable replacements. However, there is more to glassware than just durability; the glassware has to also look and feel good to diners.

Everything before a diner could be set to perfection, from the tablecloth that rests over the table, to the bone plate resting beside the main plate that holds the main course, but if the glassware that accompanies everything looks dull or doesn’t match the overall elegant aesthetic, then that takes away from the dining experience. 

Lucaris Crystal Glassware is not only durable, but looks resplendently elegant. When one looks at any of Lucaris’ lovingly designed wine glasses, they will note the beautiful shape of the large bowls in the wine glasses that will allow for wine to breathe and release all of its fragrant aromas. The crystal itself is almost transparent, allowing wine connoisseurs to see the full richness and deep color of the wine they are about to enjoy. actually provides a comprehensive list of how to pair wine and food together with their crystal wine glasses to create the perfect dining experience. Lucaris can also proudly display its prowess in the wine connoisseur world by having been a proud sponsor of Thailand’s Best Sommelier Competition in 2013, was the official sponsor at the Bangkok Wine Expo in 2014, and as a proud partner of the Hotelier Awards that took place in 2017.  These are just a few of Lucaris Crystal’s international accomplishments.

Health and Environment Benefits

Besides being both durable and aesthetically appealing, Lucaris Crystal Glassware is a great choice for another reason. In this day and age where everyone is a little more health and safety conscious, guests want to feel safe not only about what they are enjoying for a meal but also what said food and drink are being served in. Another aspect of Lucaris Crystal Glassware that sets it high above other glass competitors is that thanks to the collaborative efforts between Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass, and multiple award-winning German designer Martin Ballendat, Lucaris Crystal Glassware has been meticulously designed to not only be durable and elegant, but to be both health and environmentally conscious.

Because of its new age design, Lucaris Glassware rises above traditional old world crystal and blown-glass designs that may contain harmful agents like lead and barium. Lucaris Crystal Glassware is completely lead-free, making it safe for both diners and the environment. 

Lead is known to have an number of negative sides effects on consumers. The less lead exposure the better, and thankfully Lucaris offers a completely lead-free glassware option. It is better to avoid such harmful agents, and Lucaris successfully provides a safe and environment-friendly glassware to enjoy drinks.

With durability, functionality, and sublime beauty, the Lucaris Crystal Glassware collections found at MCIC are sure to be the right choice for the any restaurateur! 

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Porcelain: The Wonderful Go-To Dinnerware

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Whether you are setting the table for a luxurious feast for a large party, or a cozy breakfast for two, the dinnerware the food is plated on is just as important as your menu itself. When choosing the perfect dinnerware for a beautiful tabletop setting, restaurateurs are faced with countless varieties of materials and styles to choose from. One dinnerware staple that has survived the test of time and has remained a classic is porcelain. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and different types of dinnerware options out there, sometimes just a pure white, porcelain plate is all a restaurateur needs to make a place in their patrons hearts.

What is Porcelain?

Dinnerware made from porcelain is aesthetically very elegant, and can elevate a dining experience to new height. So what exactly is porcelain, anyway? Porcelain is one of many variations that is derived from ceramic. As explained by Nicolette Bertolissi, porcelain is a combination of clay, kaolin clay, feldspar, silica, and quartz that is fired at temperatures above 2300°F.  As a result of this high temperature, porcelain is very durable in comparison to other types of ceramic.   

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The history of porcelain dates all the way back to 2,000 years ago in China during the Han Dynasty. The people of China used porcelain to make the cups from which they drank their vast arrays of herbal teas, and also in their artistic endeavors like the famous hand painted porcelain statues and vases. In the beginning, China just about had a vice grip on the supply of porcelain that could enter other parts of the world, like Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, a fateful capturing of a Portuguese cargo ship carrying thousands of pieces of porcelain by the Dutch lead to potters all throughout Europe trying to replicate the formula for porcelain. Once a German physicist finally did crack the code in 1704, whole porcelain factories dedicated to crafting everything from dinnerware to statues, sprang up all throughout Europe. This eventually lead to porcelain taking the rest of the world by storm, and becoming a true staple of dinnerware.

The Difference Between Porcelain and Other Types of Ceramics

There are variations of ceramic, but the composition of clay and the temperatures at which they are baked is what makes them different from one another. Aside from Porcelain, the main other variations of cermaic are earthenware, stoneware, and bone china, as described in this article by Katom.


Earthenware is one of the oldest types of ceramic around. Earthenware is also one of the simplest to create, made from a less refined clay mixture and fired at a lower temperature than porcelain or stoneware. The result of this lower temperature process is a thicker, more porous ceramic. By glazing the earthenware, its porous surface diminishes. While porcelain allows for a practical and elegant tabletop, earthenware can additionally make for a great aesthetic presentation. To view our Earthenware collections, click here.


The next type of ceramic is stoneware. Stoneware is the middle ground between earthenware and porcelain. Unlike earthenware, stoneware can be made thinner and lighter. However, like earthenware, stoneware needs to be glazed.

Bone China

A step up from porcelain is called bone china. It actually is porcelain, but with an added ingredient, bone ash. Incorporating bone ash into the clay mixture that goes into making bone china gives it a distinctive milky white and translucent look. Adding bone ash also helps make the ceramic more durable and less brittle. However, according to MS Trading Company, there are some drawbacks to bone china. Due to it’s durable and desirable aesthetics, bone china can come at a higher cost. Bone china is the most expensive ceramic out of the four types, and can be too delicate for daily use. Bone china is commonly used for special occasions, whereas porcelain can withstand the daily wear and tear of either home life or restaurant service. This makes porcelain dinnerware a perfect choice for the everyday restaurateur.      

The Benefits of Porcelain

Out of all the types of ceramic that have been discussed, there are many reasons why porcelain stands out against its competition. Some benefits to porcelain include the fact that the mixture from which porcelain is created and the high temperature at which it is fired allows for porcelain wares to be dishwasher and microwave safe, making it ideal for day-to-day use whether at home, or at a restaurant. As discussed by, because porcelain is fired at approximately 2500°F and higher, it makes for the most durable, chip and scratch resistant material for food serving dishes. Additionally, porcelain-wares can also withstand high oven temperatures, while also withstanding low temperatures in a freezer. 

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Porcelain: The Right Choice! 

From the vast array of ceramics out their to choose from, the elegance and durability of porcelain stands out. Whether it’s porcelain with a lovely pattern painted onto it, or just pure white-wares, porcelain makes for an elegant and safe dining experience no matter the setting or occasion. Porcelain more than earns its reputation as a go-to dinnerware for the home, or for the restaurant. 

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Spruce Up Your Tabletop This Spring With These 3 Trends

With only a few months into 2019, the year is already shaping up to be one filled with memorable and diverse dining experiences and trends. Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur mentioned some upcoming trends that would be making profound waves throughout the dining scene, and just barely scratched the surface of what diners are bound to experience. Along with the trends already mentioned, these three new trends are set to take the dining scene by storm. When paired with some of the aforementioned trends that savvy restaurateurs would do well to follow, the experience is sure to be outstanding.

The Boldest Colors Make for the Best Tabletop Pieces

As mentioned in Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur, one of the biggest trends diners are bound to see at restaurants is the use of unique dinnerware and glassware. Dinnerware that packs a visual punch, like bowls that look like they have been hewn by hand, bold geometric shapes, and handmade plates painted with bright and vibrant colors, is one of the hottest trends of 2019. But why stop at just dinnerware? Another trend that can go solo or hand in hand with the trend of unique dinner and glassware is the trend of having brightly colored tabletop pieces to bring everything together. reports that tables will be sporting bold uses of colors and patterns for the Spring and Summer seasons, including big stripes of color on table cloths and color pairings like bright, pristine white and deep blue. Making white and blue table settings stand out even further are tabletop pieces that include hues like bright reds, oranges, yellows, and turquoise shades. MCIC is proud to include it’s organic line of tabletop pieces that would fit right in with this trend of bold and wonderful colors to liven up the Spring dining experience.   

Melamine Material is In

Another trend that pairs well with the glassware trend is the use of melamine dining ware. If you don’t know what melamine is, it is more likely than not that you have already eaten from bowls and plates made from this very material. As explains, melamine is an organic industrial compound that is created when melamine resin is combined with strengthening materials. The material is lighter and more durable than china, making it an ideal type of dinnerware to have on hand at any busy restaurant. The constant chaos of bringing out and retrieving dishes calls for a material like melamine, which can withstand the rough and rushed treatment.

Melamine is versatile enough that it can be used not only in plates, but also bowls, serving trays, ramekins, and chopsticks, and comes not only in the standard elegant white, but in a wide range of colors. The material is especially helpful to servers because melamine dishes can keep food warm, yet remain cool to the touch for those hard-working servers who have to handle said dishes while they serve them to diners. Melamine dishes are affordable and a great investment in the long-term thanks to their durability. MCIC offers a wide selection of  Melamine options in both wide and multiple colors to go with the vibrancy of the upcoming Spring.

Slate to Give that Elegant Touch to a Dining Experience  

A final trend that ties into the dinnerware section of Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur is the use of slate products to give food that elegant yet powerful look. According to, one of the main reasons why slate plates have gained so much popularity is because the beautiful black-cut stone makes the vibrant colors of certain foods stand out, as opposed to the traditional white plate. Reds and oranges pop, while white no longer fades away into the background.

Easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the chaotic back of any restaurant, slate plates have fast become a go-to when serving delicious food items like salads, breads, jams, and especially cheese platters, which along with jams have become a great dining trend of 2019. Slate plates simply have a way of elevating the usual humdrum place setting into a memorable dining experience that is sure to have diners flocking back to eat and enjoy themselves at a particular restaurant again. MCIC proudly offers a variety of slate trays, and serving ware that is sure to make savvy restaurateurs and eagle-eyed diners very happy this coming Spring.      

Written by Raidah Islam

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